Double Face Presswood Pallet

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The full name of Double Face Presswood Pallet is a plant-fiber-molded flat industrial pallet. The raw materials used for the pallet are wood shavings, plant stalks, etc. It is an integral structure, and the panel and nine supporting feet are molded at the same time. The surface of the pallet board is flat and smooth, which can meet the transportation of various goods, and the lower surface is equipped with reinforcing ribs. The horizontal and vertical forces of the board are balanced, and the nine-leg distribution can meet the four-way insertion of the forklift. It is a flat, four-way fork-in, single-sided pallet.

Qingdao Senyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in the beautiful city of Qingdao, China, and specializes in the R&D, sales, and manufacturing of compressed wood pallets, presswood pallets, and presswood pallet machines. Through years of strenuous effort, Senyu has started to play an important role in this market, with an annual output of 5800,000 pcs. Since its very beginning, the company has been committing itself to the belief that "focus on reducing costs and creating value for customers".

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