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About Us

Shanghai Barth Trade Hausa Technology Co., LTD. Is a company focused on the supply of high-quality parts and accessories, our main business is to provide customers with various industrial products required parts and supporting equipment. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, we have built up a large network of suppliers that can provide comprehensive solutions for the needs of different industries.

Our team consists of experienced engineers and technicians with solid expertise and skills to solve customers' various problems and provide quality service in the shortest possible time. At the same time, we have an efficient logistics team to ensure timely delivery and accuracy of goods.

In the future development, we will continue to improve our technical level and service quality to meet the market demand and maintain a competitive advantage. We will continue to strengthen the contact and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to expand our sales channels and market share; At the same time, we will actively explore new business opportunities and development directions to adapt to market changes and challenges.

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