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Why did Wood Flooring bulge?


There are a lot of customers across the country who are worried about Wood Flooring which will be drumming, or the pavement is not good, and there will be various problems. Some of them are cracked floor, there will be noise, or there will be drumming, that is, arch. Generally, once it is drumming, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Today we'll talk more about why Wood Flooring is bulging. And how to prevent it!

Why did Wood Flooring bulge?

1: wet swelling deformation

Wood Flooring has been soaked in water for a long time due to improper use of faucets or heating heaters in the kitchen or toilet. The Wood Flooring has experienced wet expansion and deformation. Due to the larger size of wet expansion, there is no way to stretch the Wood Flooring.In continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is high and no moisture drainage measures are taken. The water in the air is absorbed by the Wood Flooring after hygroscopic expansion.The house has been empty for a long time, no one lives in it, poor ventilation, no distribution after evaporation of medium moisture in the paint layer, and hygmoscopic expansion after absorption by Wood Flooring.The moisture content of the concrete base is too high, and the moisture-proof isolation layer is not sealed and hygroscopic expansion.

2: No expansion joint or too narrow

When the floor is laid, a 2cm gap should be left as an expansion joint against the wall, and then covered with foot boards. In order to be clean, some owners did not reserve expansion joints between the neighbors during Wood Flooring flooring as required, or let the laying workers leave the joints as thin as possible, which will also make the floor unable to stretch and easy to arch after moisture absorption expansion after humid air. Even the lacquer extrusion cracks between Wood Flooring and the wall structure expansion reservation is insufficient.

3: The expansion joint is filled

Some owners ask workers to fill the expansion joint with small pieces of wood, plaster, putty, or nail it with kicker line, so that the floor cannot be extended, resulting in the floor arch.

4: The room is paved

More than two rooms in the installation of the floor at the door cover is not installed buckle, in the moisture, moisture when the floor of the two rooms stretch across the line, causing the room door to drag each other, so that the floor arch.


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