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What is Kraft Paper Handbag made of?


Everyone is talking about the future trend of environmental protection is green, as the packaging industry is no exception, there are probably two ways to achieve environmental protection at this stage, one is to improve the reuse rate, now the express industry in the discussion of recyclable packaging boxes in this range, the other is to produce new materials to replace the original materials, And Kraft Paper Handbag is getting more and more popular among various businesses in the trend of environmental protection because of its recyclable property. From HM to Uniqlo, and from Golia to ONLY, Kraft Paper Handbag is getting more and more favored by service brand owners.

But Kraft Paper Handbag is also divided into yellow leather, white leather and other materials, how to reasonably choose the material in line with their own corporate brand culture is also a big problem in front of the majority of service sellers.

1. In terms of color, they are divided into white Kraft Paper Handbag and yellow Kraft Paper Handbag.

But white Kraft Paper Handbag and yellow Kraft Paper Handbag can be subdivided into several types. Taking white Kraft Paper Handbag for example, he can classify it into white kraft paper handbag and high white kraft paper handbag, and the difference between them is the shade of white, For high white Kraft Paper Handbag, the printing color should be a little brighter.

The same is true for yellow Kraft Paper Handbag. On this basis, some manufacturers developed striped kraft paper with stripes, and of course for kraft paper also developed new categories such as pearlescent white leather, coated white leather and so on. These are all things that we have to think about when we do design.

2. In terms of purpose, Kraft Paper Handbag has a wider classification.

We all know that Kraft Paper Handbag has the characteristics of environmental protection, which is not only applied in the clothing industry, but also in food, beauty and so on. 

Each industry has different requirements for its own, so in terms of use, the factory has also developed a lot of targeted functions. For example, oil-proof paper bags, waterproof paper bags, rust proof paper bags, insulation paper bags, sticker paper bags, super bearing paper bags, printable paper bags and so on, these functions we as a unilateral dealer can not all be used, so we must know how to choose their own needs at the time of design, so as to spend the least money, get the most value.

3. According to different materials, the classification of Kraft Paper Handbag is different.

We all know that the material of Paper bag is not only related to raw materials, but also to the number of layers. So Kraft Paper Handbag, in terms of material, It is divided into recycled Kraft Paper Handbag, cowhide base Paper Handbag, composite Kraft Paper Handbag, wood pulp Kraft Paper Handbag and so on.

So the material is different, the hardness and roughness are also different, which has a very great impact on printing and so on. So before we make paper bags, we must first understand.

We have said so much, I think everyone must have formed their own thinking when they get their Kraft Paper Handbag customized, and know how to choose their own kraft paper raw materials.


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