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Silicone Daily Necessities temperature resistance


With the popularity of silicone in daily necessities, many friends for the performance of silicone in various aspects in the early stage still have a lot of concerns, because it belongs to chemical synthetic materials, so its safety is also a point that consumers can not ignore, at present, many silicone materials are used more and more widely in our family, such as silicone kitchen utensils, silicone water cup, silicone POTS and bowls, etc. "Can Silicone Daily Necessities be microwaved? Can I serve boiling water? !" Today for you to thoroughly explain this problem point!

Before saying this problem, we should all know the plastic bucket and plastic wash basin used in our home. I do not know if you have noticed that when the water temperature reaches a certain degree, the plastic basin will be deformed and scalded. The main reason for this is that it belongs to the plastic material, and the molding temperature is about 120 degrees when the plastic manufacturer produces it. So when its production temperature is not high, the temperature effect of the product is certainly not high.

Silicone Daily Necessities need to be processed at a high temperature of 180 ° C. If not, Silicone Daily Necessities cannot be solidified. Therefore, silicone daily necessities usually exceed 80% of boiling water of 100 ° C. Normal boiling water resistance is no problem, so we can rest assured when we buy silicone tableware, silicone water cup, because silicone belongs to high temperature molding, and will not release any harmful substances after high temperature.

Usually, after the food grade silicone products are formed at a high temperature of 180 degrees to 200 degrees, the silicone manufacturers will bake them in a high temperature oven of 220 degrees for 4 hours to remove the compounds in the silicone materials, so the products are put into the microwave oven and held in high temperature boiling water without any problem.

Silicone Daily Necessities can be burned by open fire. Normally, silicone Daily necessities cannot meet the requirements of open fire. Since the temperature of an open fire is over 800 degrees, it is not recommended to burn the product under an open fire.

Currently, Silicone Daily Necessities can be microwaved and normally used at a temperature of 220 ° C or less. Therefore, silicone Daily necessities can be safely fed, cleaned, and frozen at a temperature of -40 ° C to 260 ° C.


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