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How does water jection dredger work?


The water jetting dredger typically consists of a powerful pump system that generates high-pressure water streams, a suction pipe, and a dredging head that can be lowered to the bottom of the waterway. The dredging head includes nozzles that spray the high-pressure water in different directions, effectively breaking up and loosening the sediment.

The water and sediment mixture is then sucked up through the suction pipe and passed through a series of screens that separate out larger debris and materials, such as rocks or large pieces of wood. The mixture is then pumped through a pipeline to a designated disposal site, where the sediment is either deposited or processed for reuse.

Water jetting dredgers are highly effective at removing sediment from shallow waters and can also be used to clear underwater obstructions, such as rocks or debris. They are often used in ports, marinas, and waterways with limited depths and where traditional dredging methods are not feasible.


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