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Garment Steamer These five functions work too well


In fact, in addition to the function of ironing clothes and removing wrinkles, Garment Steamer has many other functional functions.

1. It is to remove wrinkles

No doubt you're looking for Garment Steamer with wrinkle removal. In fact, clothes of various materials can be ironed by using Garment Steamer, as long as they are equipped with corresponding accessories such as heat insulation cloth or heat shield, ironing will be easy. When the Garment Steamer is being ironed, steam can be used to remove wrinkles, or panel temperature can be used to quickly dry water vapor and shape the clothes.

2. Humidifier can be made when the air is dry

In winter, when air conditioning and heating are turned on, the indoor temperature increases, but the moisture in the air also decreases, making people feel dry and uncomfortable. If you do not have an air humidifier, you can also use a steam Garment Steamer to humidify the air. The Garment Steamer is capable of converting the water in the tank into high temperature steam and spraying it into the air, making the dry air become moist again.

3. Micro dry cleaning decontamination function

The handheld Garment Steamer has a micro dry cleaning function, so long as the Garment Steamer is ironed on the oil stain of the clothes, the stain can be cleared. This is the use of high temperature steam can quickly dissolve the mud, stains of the viscous nature of the principle, so as to achieve the purpose of clean goods.

4. It can also be used to remove flavor

You may have heard of hotpot smelling clothes that can be removed by simply hanging them in the bathroom overnight, actually taking advantage of the heat and humidity of steam. High temperature can accelerate odor volatilization, high humidity can accelerate odor dissolution. Both of these characteristics can be achieved by Garment Steamer. By using the high-temperature and high-pressure steam emitted by Garment Steamer, the smell of the body can be quickly removed. Therefore, after eating hot pot, I can use electric steam Steamer to iron and steamer with no scent.

5. The most important thing is to be able to kill bacteria and remove mites

Sterilization and mite removal are also one of the functions of Garment Steamer. Low temperature and high humidity are very conducive to the growth of mites, and high temperature dry steam of Garment Steamer can effectively kill mites and destroy the growth environment of mites! The same is true of bacteria. High temperature steam can make proteins undergo qualitative changes, thus achieving the effect of killing viruses.


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